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Search function issue!??

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  • [Forum] Search function issue!??

    Okay.. so i type in "admin" in the search box in the top right.. and i get no results..

    Does the search engine on the forum not look for memebers? Also.. i tested a thread where i put the word "Admin" in the thread and it came up with the result for it.. but it had to be spelt exactly like it with caps were its caps and lowercase where its lowercase.. is that right?

    Also.. on the advanced search.. it auto matically click "exact match" for the user name.. also.. unlike the search here.. where if i typ in "rahs" it shows all the posts with that name in there.. I cant even get that on my forums.. whats going on with my search???
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    Could it be possible that this is a bug.. or wait is there a option to change this?


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      Do you have the same problem on these forums?
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        Typing "search function issue" all in small case does bring up this thread on here even though you've got a capital S.


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          No, the simple search box does not look for the author of the threads.


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            Yea it came up.. on this search on this forum it doesnt need to have the exact captials or lower case.. on mine it does.. and i noticed. that "exact match" is not clicked as a defualt on this forum.. but on mine exact match is checked as soon as u hit the search.. how do u.. uncheck this box as a defualt like on this site?