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    We are currently running v4.1.11 and are looking to upgrade. Before we upgrade I want to move my production forums to a local server for testing. Our production server is running ubuntu 4.3 with PHP 5.3.2. Before we upgrade, we will need to upgrade our PHP version and ubuntu OS as well.

    I've set up my development site using vb 4.1.11 and I'm able to succesfully replicate all the content but all the attachments are missing. The attachments are stored in the database and it appears they are still there because of the file size. I'm able to make new test post and upload new attachments on the development forums without any issues. It's only the attachments on my production server that I'm having issues with.

    Has anyone had problems like this or know what I'm doing wrong?

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    Try moving them to the file system before upgrading, you can them move them back to the database afterwards (of course if you move to filesystem on your dev site before upgrading, you must copy the attachment folder over as well). Usually changing how they're stored fixes these missing attachment issues other times it's an actual issue.

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      I believe I figured out the issue. I was using Fetch to download my .sql database file to my local server. It appears I was downloading the file in text format when it should have been in binary.


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