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  • [Any Version] vBulletin Configuration Constants

    I've managed to scrape up some defines/constants for use in vBulletin's config file (config.php)

    This forces all userinfo queries to include avatar information.
    define('AVATAR_ON_NAVBAR', 1);

    This bypasses the file checks, e.g that install.php one you get after installation. This is potential security risk, shouldn't be enabled in production.
    define('BYPASS_FILE_CHECK', 1);

    This defines whether vBulletin is in demo mode or not.
    define('DEMO_MODE', 1);

    Our famous saviour for when modifications go bad.... thank you hooks
    define('DISABLE_HOOKS', 1);

    This forces all the hooks to be used, however, the above overrides this.
    define('FORCE_HOOKS', 1);

    This disables mail being sent out from your server.
    define('DISABLE_MAIL', 1);

    Sends pasword as raw text over HTTP as POST instead of hashing with MD5. Useful in integrations such as LDAP etc.

    Disable the reloading of the Admin Control Panel after import/installation of
    a product

    Echoes/sends crom logs to the browser... not sure who'd want that but hey!
    define('ECHO_CRON_LOG', 1);

    Windows servers may delinate this way.
    define('FORCE_MAIL_CRLF', 1);

    This automatically procedes through things such as setup, so you can get a cup of coffee without clicking "Click to continue/Next Step"
    define('HIDEPROCEED', 1);

    Secondary usergroup does not override primary setting.

    Disable the Javascript-based disabling of criteria in the notice add/edit code
    define('NOTICE_CRITERIA_JS', 0);

    Disable javascript progress meter in Admin Control Panel
    define('NO_IMPORT_DOTS', 1);

    Use EXPLAIN syntax for SQL queries; good for checking during optimization
    define('POST_EXPLAIN', 1);

    Don't use a vBulletin database connection; good for integration if your CMS has it's own DB connector
    define('SKIPDB', 1);

    Reduces the number of cookie headers returned - IIS might be more efficient
    define('SKIP_AGGRESSIVE_LOGOUT', 1);

    Skip check of POST request against the referrer domain whitelist. Potential security risk against CSRF!
    define('SKIP_REFERRER_CHECK', 1);

    Primary source:

    EDIT: 29th Aug 09 - Revised define('DISABLE_PASSWORD_CLEARING', 1); with information from Jobe1986 - Thanks
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