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  • [Any Version] RSS Feed Variables

    These are available on all feeds:

    {rss:title} - Displays the title of the item
    {rss:description} - Displays the short description
    {rss:link} - Provides a link back to the original item.

    These are not available on all feeds. The feed should be previewed before being saved to ensure that these are populated:

    {rss:content:encoded} - Displays the full text of the item. This applies to RSS2 feeds only.
    {rss:dc:creator} - Displays the name of the item author
    {rss:pubDate} - Displays the date the item was published
    {rss:category} - Displays the category that the item is in
    {rss:guid} - Displays the permanent link for the item.

    vBulletin 3.7 also supports atom feeds. In order to maintain consistency, the above variables are compatible for use with RSS feeds although in 3.7 the rss: should be replaced with feed: to allow usage with ATOM feeds also.
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