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domain banning question - wildcard possible?

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  • domain banning question - wildcard possible?

    lately, the reds are back with their chxapoutlxt domain registrations. (<== x is e, but i changed it so google doesn't rank them better via this post. yes, i think about such matters.)

    i ban the domains as they use them. i have several on the ban list already.

    @chxapoutlxt6.con (using n instead of m so it doesn't turn into a link)

    i know i could use the aggressive ban option, but that's too aggressive for my liking if it works the way i understand it.

    can i use wildcards instead? can i use @chxapoutlxt*.*.com or similar?

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    Just ban chxapoutlx under aggressive banning. That's what its there for.


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      Originally posted by Zachery View Post
      Just ban chxapoutlx under aggressive banning. That's what its there for.
      yes, but just a minute. from this comment;
      If this option is enabled, when checking for banned emails, incomplete addresses are matched anywhere in the email address, not just the end.
      i understand it to mean that for example a valid email that would be say; would also be banned. why? because it has cheap in the domain. am i wrong?

      so if using the agressive setting ban option only bans any and all emails from the domain and (where 123 can be from chxapoutlxt to chxapoutlxt9999999 infinity) then that's good. which is it?

      for example, i also banned any email from i use in the banning options. if i now enable the aggressive ban option, does that mean that a domain called, say, (which let's assume would not be a spam domain and i wouldn't want it banned) will also be banned? i would assume yes, based on the above quote. please clarify.


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        Its the full word you enter, 1234567890 would always be a banned string, So someone with 123 or 456 wouldn't get banned, but someone with would. But, really if that happens they can contact you, right?


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