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  • Registration email confirmation problem

    Ive noticed (while doing a test for new user) that when I get my confirmation email it looks like this _ (underscore)instead of this "sphynx cat Forum" in other words the email sender is not there just an _ underscore. But my "welcome to the forum" shows the sender after i complete the confirmation. can some one please tell me where this would be effected? and how to correct it. It was not always like this.
    thanks in advanced.
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    I'm having this exact same problem. Just started a couple weeks ago. If anyone has an idea how to fix this, i'd be most appreciative.


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      email prblem

      did you add any mods or change anything recently? The only think I can think of is that I allowed users to use the email funtion. But that might of been before the problem.


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        Nope, not that i can remember. I can see in my email client that i got an email that was formatted correctly and then 24 hours later, the next email had an "_" in the from field. I don't know what could've happened. It only happens with the "New User at..." emails to me and then the activation emails to new users. Doesn't happen with subscription emails, new PM notifications, or welcome emails. Very strange.... Wish i could fix this.


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          I found my problem I don't know if it will help anyone else. A few months ago I installed A mod vboptimise I have just uninstalled it and now the email registration is back to normal on my end and new user end. hope this helps.


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            Thanks for posting back on here what you found. I really appreciate it. After doing some more thinking, looking at my email and calendar to try to figure out when this started, it actually did start right after i installed VB Optimise as well. I really love this mod though and it has made a huge difference in speeding up my forum and cutting the load on the databse. Not sure i want to get rid of it...

            I'll search/post over in the thread for the mod and see if i can come up with a fix. It has won MOTM so i'm sure that everyone isnt just dealing with having "_" as their email sender name.

            Thanks again!


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              Found something over at the thread for this mod. Some other users complained of this _ issue. They were told to just turn off "cache phrases" in the control panel for the mod and all should be fixed. I just did that and we'll see.


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                I just uninstalled it. I did not see much difference on my site with this mod. I was just worried I would loose new members if they did not see where the registration email was coming from, and mistake it as spam.


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                  Agreed. I've disabled the mod and will probably uninstall. I was able to track down the real reason my forum was running slow. Now it's just as speedy as with the mod, albeit with a couple more queries than with the mod.

                  Glad we got this figured out!


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