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  • newthread, reply, edit and qoute buttons

    Hello All,

    I would appreciate it if someone could guide on how to hide those buttons from non-registered users?

    If there is such an option


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    Umm well you could always just hide the forums from users?

    But i believe you do....

    AdminCP> Usergroups> Unregistered/Not Logged In

    edit their permissions to your likings.


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      Hey thanks

      but what i meant is not by them having post or reply but the actual button

      why does it show to unregistered users anyways?


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        Well I think a good key to allowing non registerd to still see them is so that they will try to participate and then be redirected to signing up. Another good reason is because you have the option to allow guest to post in forums.

        There is no set way to do what you are trying to do but if you really want to dive into it the VB has some Template Conditionals in their docs you could study and try to implement.


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          Thanks Wicked Web

          You have a valid point on this however I have a different reason in using it other than a community forum.

          Thanks for the advice ..

          I will check it out