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    Currently, when you feature a topic on the banner, if you click on the image it redirects to the post. Can I change the redirect to go to a group page instead? I'm trying to make a Ask the CEO anything banner that redirects to the group page for them to submit questions.

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    I wouldn't use the content slider for that.
    Instead, I would use the Static HTML module, put a picture in there and use HTML to link it where you want to go.
    For example:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="link to page"><img src="link to image"></a>
    And then you could specify size of the image as well:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="link to page"><img src="link to image" style="width:82px; height:86px"></a>
    Just make sure when working with HTML, you close the tags like with </a> .
    If you don't do that, your page will stop working. Its an easy fix, but if you can avoid the initial panic of your site acting up then you should try. :P
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