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Can I put a link in a forum topic that will link to an Article?

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  • Can I put a link in a forum topic that will link to an Article?

    Is there a way to make a link in a forum topic that will take the user to an Article.? If so how?

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    1) The link button in the ckeditor.

    2) Manual BBCode. Link - Remove spacing.

    3) HTML Title - Remove spacing.

    What part of this is causing the issue?


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      What is the "URL" that one uses for a document in the same site but a different page. In this case it is the Articles page(s). How is it written, format & syntax. Show me what it looks like if I use the link button in the tool bar.


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        What is it you're trying to achieve? A button in the editor bar that provides tags, but what would the user place into those tags? The nodeid?

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          In the main forum, I have some topics that refer to documents in the Articles. For the convenience of the reader, I would put a link in the name of that document located in the Articles that would take him to it.


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            You mean this?

            A link to this thread

            highlight your text
            advanced editor
            Click the paper clip and paste the url in the box
            click ok
            post reply
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              Originally posted by JGRnava View Post
              What is the "URL" that one uses for a document in the same site but a different page. In this case it is the Articles page(s).
              To link to something within the same site you don't need anything different to a normal URL link.

              Go to the article you want to link to, copy the URL from your browser bar and paste it as Carrfixer has described above.
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                Thank you. Simple things sometime are hard to communicate.


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                  You cannot have the topic link of one node (topic, article, etc...) redirect to another node. This is because the system wasn't designed like this. I'd use a Search Module on the page and limit it to the specific nodes you want to list using custom JSON.

                  To do this...
                  1. First we need to create a new page template for this channel.
                  2. Click on "Edit Page".
                  3. Click on Save Page (to prevent errors on other pages)
                  4. On the save dialog, select "Overwrite Template" - No.
                  5. Enter a new name. I suggest something with the Channel Name in it so you recognize it in the future.
                  6. Finish Saving.

                  Now we can add the module.
                  1. Click on Edit Page
                  2. Select the Content tab in the Module List.
                  3. Add the Search Module to your page.
                  4. Click on "Switched to Advanced Editor" at the top of the dialog box.
                  5. Name it (i.e. Related Articles). Set the display values but you don't need to set number of results.
                  6. Now we need to look at the "Search JSON" box. It will contain some code that looks like this:
                  7. We want to change it to:
                  8. Save the Module.
                  9. Save the Page.
                  You would replace XXX, YYY, ZZZ with the nodes you want to show. You can get the node by visiting the article and looking the number after the last / in the URL.
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                    Thank you for the excellent support.


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