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  • Changing email templates

    Can I change email templates? I have played with the Phrases feature, and I can change the email template only if I add a custom translation, but I can't use any of the {1}, {2}, etc. variables in the translation.

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    You should be able to use the variables in the translation. What errors do you get when you try?

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      There is no "error," per se. But using the variables in the translation results in a blank email. Is there some log I can look at that would explain the problem further?


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        Different versions of vBulletin may use {1} {2} notation or may use variable names like $bbusername. Make sure you compare to the original default English phrase to see what is available in any particular phrase. Don't assume because a translated phrase uses {1},{2} and the like that the default English phrase uses it. Only what is available in the default English phrase is available in the translation of that phrase.


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          Ok, let me ask a more direct question.

          When a person who is subscribed to a forum receives an email notification of a new topic, I want the subject of the notification email to have the title of the topic in it.

          The phrase I need to amend is "subscribed_thread_gemailsubject"

          The varname is "$vbphrase[subscribed_thread_gemailsubject]" and the default text is "A new post in your {2} {3} subscription: {1}"

          What do I need to put in the translation to get it to do what I want?

          Thank you.


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            Since the title of the topic isn't part of the original English phrase it won't be possible to make it part of the translation.

            {1} = The name of the forum or channel
            {2} = the word "Forum"
            {3} = the word "Channel"

            The name of the topic isn't available here.