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Image's degrading when uploading to VBulletin

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  • Image's degrading when uploading to VBulletin


    I'm using VBulletin cloud and I'm not overly tech savvy (working on it) so please bear with me.

    I'm trying to run private advertising on my site. I have uploaded an image (a banner - 728x90pixels) to the VBcloud file manager. I have then loaded an ad module with some basic HTML and a link to the uploaded banner (with code to set the width and height at 728x90) to get it to display, which it does. However the image is always a lot less sharp than the original, it's slightly fuzzy looking or slightly out of focus looking.
    I appreciate that if the file was say 770x150 or 660x70 and I was trying to make it fit 728x90 then it wouldn't necessarily work well. But I tested it with a very sharp looking 728x90 banner that I downloaded and same outcome.

    I have tried with different images and settings but I get the same result. It seems whenever I load something to Vbulletin Cloud and link to it, it is degrading the image quality somehow.

    I have also tried it with slightly more complicated HTML and got the same result.

    Any help? My understanding of image quality etc is limited. These are reasonably low quality files to start with admittedly.


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      Maybe send a support ticket if you get no replies here.


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        You can use external/offsite images for your banners as an alternative solution.

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