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how to split a thread?

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  • how to split a thread?

    Hi vB staff.

    I would like to split the first post of a thread into it's own separate thread, and all the remaining posts into another single separate thread.

    Can this be done?

    Thanks in advance.

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    While looking at the thread/topic, select the post(s) you want in a separate thread using the checkboxes on the right, then click the paper and pencil icon and click Move posts.
    The popup box will ask if you want to move the post(s) to a new or existing topic.
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      A word of warning when moving, copying or splitting threads. If there are any pics attached save them first. Intermittently the pics will vanish and this can take place even days later. As long as you have them saved they can be reloaded onto the moved posts. If you don't have them saved they will be gone forever, even if they were originally uploaded to the site. There are open Jiras for this bug. Trevor just investigated this and confirmed it on my site through a support ticket


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        Thanks for the replies.