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Creating a “opt in” forum.

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  • Creating a “opt in” forum.

    We have a political forum that is either really hated or really liked depending on who you ask.

    I would like members to have the ability to opt in or opt out of seeing the forum

    How can I do that?

    I was thinking of creating a new usergroup, but but figuring out how members could move themselves to that usergroup is problematic.

    Any ideas?

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    As far as I know members can't move themselves between user groups, they can only be moved by automatic promotions.

    How about creating a group? I don't know a lot about groups but wonder if it could be private so members have to request to join but then they can leave if they want and request again if they later want to get back in.

    Someone would need to manage the group so it might be time consuming.

    I know what you mean about political forums, they can become divisive especially in the UK with the current EU ''brexit".
    We don't stop playing because we grow old;
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      I have a large number of forums such at that one. All forums, are, in fact, "opt-in." Members always have the option of not opening a forum. If you want to advise them of a content warning beforehand that's another issue or option but everyone knows what they're getting in a politics forum, or a religion forum, or a sex forum, or other such topics. What do they expect to see in a politics discussion forum? Butterflies and rainbows?


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        Another idea would be to set the forum not to show, then only those who know the link can access. Then posts won't come up in search to those who are not interested.
        We don't stop playing because we grow old;
        we grow old because we stop playing.


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          Thanks!, all food for thought, Thanks!

          Another option is a paid subscription. I have those already so that members who contribute are promoted to a usergroup that does not see advertising.

          The challenge is I can’t create a “free” paid subscription


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            Will try to push for inclusion in 5.4.2.

            Customer comments on the issue and more votes will help me make my case.
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            • In Omnibus
              In Omnibus commented
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              This and several of the Badger issues should take precedence over some of the other work that is being done. I realize everything has a pecking order but it's useless to ask customers to vote on issues when their votes mean nothing. This has been a request for five years and has far more votes than most issues. Most of the customers who voted for this issue have long since moved on. So few of these have been addressed that there are virtually no customers left to vote on issues. There's a real problem with the way decisions are made and while I know my words are meaningless to the people making those decisions I feel like remaining loyal to the product and the brand whereas many have not done so should at least earn the respect of someone listening. Even Job's patience was eventually tested.

            • Wayne Luke
              Wayne Luke commented
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              Planning is a juggling act. Newer issues have more visibility. Some issues also bounce to the top because of future plans and providing functionality to vBulletin Cloud. That is why I mentioned comments. Votes do kind of get buried and I don't know if some the items with the most votes are pressing issues with the current customers. I don't think they will bring customers back. So we just have to work through the issues and strive to find a balance. I will say the primary new feature for 5.4.1 has more votes than this one. Hopefully, it is well received. Overall, I think the 5.4.X series will bring some good things to the table while we continue to fix bugs.

            • Bocksanders
              Bocksanders commented
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              I voted and added a comment, Thanks!
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