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Emails not working-entire system

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  • Emails not working-entire system

    Not getting emails of any kind from people wanting to reset passwords, notifications from scribed posts or me not getting email about new user sign ups.
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    Anyone from tech support? Help please.
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      Can at least someone tell me if anybody is working on it. Please....
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        Looking at it now. Will let you know.


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          Thank you, Joe.
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            I was able to receive test emails sent from the email diagnostic in the Admin CP at Gmail, I was even able to register and got a PM notice to my AOL account which often blocks forums as spam, your email went through to my inbox:

            I am not seeing any issue. If you are still having trouble please open a support ticket in the Member's Area, with the email address(es) of a user or users who aren't receiving emails. Everything seems properly configured on your forum. My guess is the issue lies with the receiving servers.


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              Thanks for taking the time to look into this. I'll run some more tests. A few members and myself did not get any from late last night and today.
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                If you and your members complaining are on Microsoft owned domains (hotmail, live, outlook...) I wouldn't be surprised. They seem to reject by far the most forum generated emails in my experience.


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                  I did put in a support ticket.

                  My findings seem to point to an issue with your email server.

                  It seems that common emails such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. all work okay. Company emails not received from vbulletin server. It's not in their junk or spam folder either.

                  When a member changes it to lets say to a gmail address in their profile it works.

                  I have tried just a few minutes ago by sending a group email to our 600+ members. When I have done that in the past several screen pages of emails scroll quickly showing all the emails being sent out.

                  This time the page went very quickly, there is no way all 600+ went out.

                  I was on the list to get that email and I didn't. As well as other members with Yahoo and Gmail etc.

                  I always get an email when a new member joins. The last email I got was on 11/20/17. Nothing has come through since.

                  This also doesn't work when members are trying to reset their passwords, again using a company emails too.

                  I've changed emails to a Yahoo or Gmail account and it works.

                  Again the last working day I can pinpoint down is 11/20/2017
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                    It's important to realise that much of this is outside of our control.

                    vBulletin doesn't choose to send email to some providers and not others. It either sends, or it doesn't send.

                    If some emails are being received then ALL emails are being sent, and the most likely cause is that the recipient's email provider is mistaking them for spam and blocking them. That they don't show in the spam/junk folder means nothing, as the majority of mail marked as spam won't get even that far.

                    You can use the email diagnostic tool in the admincp to send test emails to different email accounts and verify that they are received and that no error is generated. If they are not received, but there's not error, then they ARE going out and the recipient's provider is blocking them.
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                    • montana rover
                      montana rover commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Okay,i did a video capture of the emails going out and I do see them. So there still must be something that has taken place that certain company emails have stopped working at various places.
                      Last edited by montana rover; Tue 28th Nov '17, 3:09pm.

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                    You could try using the email delivery diagnostic at

                    Change a user's email address to the email provided on that page.

                    Send an email password reminder to that user, it will go to the email you just set up.

                    Don't forget to change the email back to what it should be.

                    You wll get an email with a "Delivery Report" that tells you what issues you might face getting your emails delivered.


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