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No private message ability or avatar upload?

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  • No private message ability or avatar upload?

    So far it's only one user with the issue, they sent a screen shot to verify. He has no options/ buttons to send a pm to anyone, or a way to upload an avatar.

    He said he has no ad blockers and is not using internet explorer. He is listed in the Registered Users usergroup, like most of our members, and is not in any secondary groups. I also ran the maintenance tools.

    I can't figure out his issue. Any ideas what I'm missing?

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    Has this been resolved or did you still need assistance?
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      Make sure the user hasn't turned off Private Messaging under /account/settings. They can view this by choosing User Settings by clicking on their username in the header.

      What is the username? I can look at the avatar issue.
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        He hasn't said anything recently. I don't believe it's been fixed tho, I sure couldn't find an issue with his settings. His username is Big Bend