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    Originally posted by GoHighVoltage View Post
    Why is it that everyone is always liars and idiots? I believe in the good in people, and like I said, I am sure there is limits to everything to prevent out right abuse. There has to be limits of some sort. Normally on a shared hosting plan, they base the UNLIMITED off what a person would normally NEVER use in a shared hosting situation.

    This is why I said to contact JaguarPC directly and ask them for the TOS on the Unlimited Plan. I am sure that they would be totally honest and up front with you. So far I have asked them a ton of questions and they told me 100% truth to every one. Not only that, for $4.97 a month, that is one heck of a deal for what is offered, limited or not.

    This forum is suppose to be peers helping peers, and honest people helping honest people. I am really disappointed about how it has become a battle ground, and it revolves all around the same person/people.

    I hope everyone can relax and enjoy the forum, and go back to the days where it was people helping each other. Peace and take care.
    I started reading there TOS and even though they have "unlimited space" it says you can't even upload anything that doesn't have to do with your site, IE no file storage or your account will be suspended, I even asked them if there shared plans have limits and they told me yes, if the account is hogging resources, cpu/ram/bandwidth they will suspend or terminate the account..
    If they had 100 accounts on one server, and a 500GB hard drive, each person could only get 5GB, and I'm sure they have several hundred on each server, with only 1-2TB's worth of space, and I doubt they have 10x1TB hard drives because fact is they would lose money on it, and I can see why they put that in the TOS mainly because someone probably already abused it by putting several hundred GB's of things on there account.
    I kinda wanna sign up there just for a test, and just start uploading tons of things, like .sql databases or something, and see if they allow me to put 500GB's of things on there before they say something.. who wants me to? :P

    Just plain and simple, if you go with a host that offers "UNLIMITED EVERYTHING" than don't whine and cry when you get suspended for using too many resources..

    I bet if I had a site that was using 20-100GB a day they would terminate me within a day or two..

    What it really comes down to is false advertising, they can get away with the crap so they can do it, and the main reason its being down is because 99% of the customers that signup probably will never use more than a few GB a month which benefits them a ton by profiting, but when that one user is using 500GB a month they lose money, so they find a reason to terminate/suspend the customer, which I find it legally wrong, but since there is no laws on this and I doubt will be for a few years, but I can't wait for the day for the government to step in fine the companies or shut them down all together. I think that's the only time I really would want the government to do something. I bet if pizza companies started advertising unlimited toppings and than forced a limit they would be fined/sued, oh wait it already happen to 3 pizza companies and I was in one of the class action lawsuits.

    I don't always see a vps as because someone needs more resources but mainly they like to manage there own server, they like to install things, they like root, but true fully vps's do have downsides, people think they would have more resources on them but if a vps is set at 1gb/2gb and the shared has 16gb and they don't mind you bursting to there ram, than the shared would be better, same with the cpu, most vps's are limited to a certain amount of the cpu or %, if the shared company allows you to use a decent amount it could be better, and cheaper, but people have there own views and mainly most people don't like vps's because they don't know how to use them, or don't want to manage things themselves which most vps's are.
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      I've just transferred 50GB of data within a day at JaguarPC. No complaints from them as of yet.
      Shamil Nunhuck, - Radon Systems Ltd.
      VPS + Dedicated Server Hosting and Management
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        What it really comes down to is false advertising, they can get away with the crap so they can do it

        How do you figure it is false adverstising, we have no limits on the amount of disk space that you can you use for your website, nor do we have any limits on the amount of bandwidth that you may use.

        This bush has been beaten to death. I was a running my own webhosting business when the unlimited thing got started. Needless to say, I did not like it, but it is the way the business is now. Why place any limits at all, when we all know that most people will not use much disk space or bandwidth, it just makes it easier for everyone, one plan same price, use what you need.

        Sorta like going to an all you can eat buffet, some people will gorge themselves, because it is all you can eat, some will eat like they normally would.

        There are no gimmicks about our plans, it is all clearly listed, and you may use as much bandwidth as you need, or as much disk space as you need. You can not of course use the disk space for file dump, nor do we allow you to store backups on the disk space. It is intended to be used for your website, or websites since we also offer unlimited addon domains.

        We honestly do have quite a few clients that use 200 to 300 gig of disk space and still growing.

        Bandwidth is now one of the lowest cost factors of the hosting business, we use a lot of bandwidth, and that makes our cost even cheaper. We will be doubling and on some plans more than doubling the bandwidth we allow on our VPS and dedicated servers in the coming weeks. Our new webiste with all the details will be up in the next few weeks.

        "I bet if I had a site that was using 20-100GB a day they would terminate me within a day or two.. "

        I will take that bet!
        We will not suspend for using too much bandwidth or disk space. If your website is causing issues, such as using too much cpu, or memory and it causes the loads to go extreme, then we will contact you.

        Director of Support


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          I can use as much diskspace as I need, except if its for file dumps, or backups? That seems like a catch for me.


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            Not sure why you would see it as a catch, we host websites, not file dumps, we do have backup plans for anyone that needs backup space. It is really pretty simple, and logical, as long as the files on your space are for your websites, then there are no limits to how much space you may use.


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              Why can't my website be about file dumps and backups? Then it would be about my site, and you'd have no reason to restrict my usage.


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                Your site can be about anything you want it, and as long as the files are needed for the website then there is no issue.


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                  Ok, Just for sake of knowing, I emailed one of the Execs at JaguarPC and asked him the questions stated above, and here is his exact response:

                  Jaguarpc has recently changed it's hosting plans, there are no limits on bandwidth or disk space. We like any other host do have limits on how much CPU or memory resources a user can consume, if any one website causes issues
                  on a shared server, such as very high loads, or using up all the memory we will ask the user to optimize the website. If there are still issues, we will ask the user to upgrade the account to a semi dedicated server, vps server or dedicated
                  server, which ever is the most suitable. We honestly have clients using 200, to 300 gigabytes of disk space on our shared plans, of course most do not use that much or need that much.

                  Our TOS and AUP have not been updated as of yet, to reflect the new no limits on bandwidth or disk space. A new web site will be in place within the next few weeks, along with new TOS and AUP.

                  We will be doubling the bandwidth limits on our VPS and dedicated servers, in some cases more than doubling, once the new site is out.

                  So short answer, there truly are no limits on the amount of bandwidth, or disk space that you can use on our shared plans.

                  JPC3FOR11 Prepay for 3 months of web hosting at just $11 for all 3 months combined.
                  With this coupon, you can get our shared hosting for less than 4 dollars per month. It will remain the same price each time it is renewed for as long as you keep the account.

                  Cancel within the first 30 days, and we will refund the full amount.

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                    Originally posted by Shamil. View Post
                    What is unlimited shared? Who wants to help me test the unlimited bandwidth and dickspace at JaguarPC?
                    These guys will help:
                    Jamie Dolan
                    Neenah, WI
                    My VB Forum: Paw Dogs


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