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VB is Takin the whole CPU

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  • VB is Takin the whole CPU

    this is a copy of a thread i opened in
    i have a VPS witch Running one account only...
    this account have Joomla and VB, and the most important thing that few days ago i noticed the the CPS always Full, and when Stoped Joomla it stayed Full..
    Few hours ago my hosting company stopped the Account During to Overload on my server
    witch costing over load 2 on the entire nod...
    and they asked me to move into a dedicated server, and not only a dedicated Server, NO, a very good dedicated server because the hit and Database overload on the server..

    now they reactivated it so i can tell my members that the Site will be Stopped, and them, i Tried something...
    i tried to Stop the Vb, and make the VB url redirects into a page in my Site..
    Then the site worked very well and the Cpu not overloaded...

    is that a possible reason the VB may take the whole CPU ?

    My VPS Properties is:
    Guaranteed RAM 256+ MB
    Max RAM 12GB
    Guaranteed CPU 208.8+ Mhz
    Max CPU 2x3 Ghz
    Storage (+ 1GB free for OS) 15GB

    So... Can any bidy safe me from Drowning???

    Thanks allot

    Lynne told me that it would be better if I Asked you guys here
    pleas help me, am Very deprecates,,,
    that site is the dream of my life and i can't pay more for a DS..
    So do I have to pay to make it better?
    or there was something wrong???

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    Do you have any hacks or addons from third parties?


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      first of all, Thanks for the reply
      secondly, i have lots of add-on's and i tried to disable hooks and there is no change..
      Thats a link for the First Topic in


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        Whats your site population? or how many users are active on a day to day basis? that can go a big way in overloading the CPU to the server. Especially since you only have 208Mhz
        Jut a random internet person.

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