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which is the most secure distibution of linux ?

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  • which is the most secure distibution of linux ?

    my friend says FreeBSD
    and other one says Slackware

    and i see that web hosting companies offer RedHat

    please guide me
    my site has alot of enemies and they might attack it anytime

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    I think for the most part all the distributions have about the same level of security. I think the best thing you can do is to make sure you do a good job as the administrator of the machine (if you are going to have a dedicated machine) or are with an ISP that is security conscience. Setting directory/file permissions, making sure your Apache settings are secure, and doing and running as few things as "root" as possible will all enhance your systems' security. But remember, no system is unbreakable, so a good backup and recovery plan are always needed.




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      I think that the *nix community generally holds up OpenBSD as its example of how to do security in open source projects. It is a multinational open source project based in Canada. Of course, that is not exactly what you asked.

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      Peter E. Humphries


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        OpenBSD simply *rocks*. It's fast as hell (faster than Linux) and it's very secure.

        I highly recommend it.


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          It depends on your knowledge and skills. Asking 10 people might give you 10 answers back... I personally prefer Solaris and BSDi.


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            I agree -- you can probably make any of the distributions as secure as the others if you have the skills and time. I think that OpenBSD is probably the most secure for a default install, but the trade off is that you have to have the skills needed to open up the things you do want people to be able to get at!

            I use RedHat and put a firewall with which I am comfortable in front of it.
            Peter E. Humphries


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              If you have time on your hands and enjoy cutting edge stuff, I have just read about EROS, the Extremely Reliable Operating System, being developed at the University of Pennsylvania. I cannot say whether or not its claims of security are valid, but it is an interesting approach.
              Peter E. Humphries


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                  who can help me secure my server , after i order it ?
                  and i will be very thankful

                  thank you
                  the server is for personal use


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                    i have a FreeBSD server

                    who will help me to well secure it ?

                    i need help guys


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