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Forget the big boards. Lets see the smallest boards

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    I have you all beat!!!!

    Threads: 265
    Posts: 9/11

    Opened November 10, 2000 to a crappy ****ty board ($80!!!!! called surfboard for MGI on WebStar on Mac what a peice of crap). well that ISP terminated the account on December 2, without warning so lost everything. December 2, 2000 bought UltraBoard $40, and then they died in June 2001?

    In late September 2000, I wanted to move to the new servers within my Hosting place, but didn't have the installer for UltraBoard, So I bought vBulletin on October 4, 2001, placed it on the new server and now people find it better.

    Well on March 29, 2002, we had 589 posts, and not sure the member count. since March 29, we have gone to 9/11 posts as of this evening. I am cleaning out none active accounts, so that should kill about 38 of the accounts.

    3 board moves really pisses people off.

    [EDIT] Also I couldn't get a board beeding PHP/MySQL in December 200s ince I was an idoit and went with Interland the worst service next to the post who killed my site. Interland had a 2 day outage and they said I had to prove my site was down by doing a trace-route.
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      Tech Forums


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        Depends on what you call "small"...some forums have 5,000 plus members and for the amount of members, not many posts proportionally.

        We don't have a lot of members and I consider it a small forum, 432 registered in over a year, the main topic is primarily P2P development and discussion.

        ..but geez, can they post in the general chat areas! (registered users only) , 120,000+ posts to date.... a lot of our members are from the old Napster Forums of 2000.

        The intro page takes you to the forum automatically.


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          Originally posted by Fred
          Mine is quite small compared to many music sites.

          Members: 3,096 Threads: 16,857 Posts: 219,398

          Small ?????? lol ya right

          OK Small = 100 or so members. New boards just starting out 3,096 does not qualify as small no matter how you look at it LOL

          I wish mine was that samll
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            My small site started last year with freeware boards, but january i bought vB and got a few more members, hitting 325+ this week total on


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     it is kinda new, only 22 members but I want it to get big.


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                2 members, 2 posts (test board)

                beat that


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                  Originally posted by Dalius
                  2 members, 2 posts (test board)

                  beat that
                  lol you win


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                    41 members in a year!
                    Web Mafia Forums
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                      Mine was using UBB, had 40 members for 3 mths. Think at that time most of the cool options like the smilies has to be hacked. So we moved on to Jawbreaker. The support really pisses me off in which it can even take 1 week and above. The s/w was at the same time no customisable AT ALL!

                      Decided to purchase vBulletin (by chance LOL) cos I realised the nice boards everywhere. Just hope the vBulletin would be one of the pull factor for members.

                      Mayb we should start having ideas on how to promote boards like us which are small.
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                        slowly growing


                        just over 300 members (just got about 100 members last week from a mailing -- no not spam )

                        The site has been around for a couple years, but we put the board up in October or November or something. It's all a blur.

                        Most of the posts are from a few volunteers who have really helped make it grow tremendously. The more info, the more useful.

                        in the future, if anyone can create some graphics for me for the board, that would be great. I haven't had time to do much changing of the board layout.... default all the way.

                        Brian Shea (G+)


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                          since dec - 2001

                          Members: 374, Threads: 3,100, Posts: 20,553 Total thread views: 166,791

                          site -

                          vB -
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                            Started mine up in the beginning of January, and since have
                            180 members, 321 threads, and 1,306 posts. It is slowly and steadily growing, sometimes in spurts. I would much rather have less members that are active then more members that don't post. The other problem is there are so many other topic related sites out there that it is hard to keep interest and I'm not about competing. I started the site as a hobby and I wanna keep it that way.


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                     - 119 members... I just started a contest for referrals though so hopefully I can boost our silly member number.


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                                What do you mean( contest for referrals )

                                PLEASE VISIT US HERE. THANKS IN ADVANCE


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