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Which is better vbulletin5 or vbulletin4 or vbulletin.3

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  • Which is better vbulletin5 or vbulletin4 or vbulletin.3

    Good evening
    How is everyone ...
    I would like to put up a topic that we share the views among us in terms of the preference and the most used in the forums of the vbulletin program.
    As a site manager what you will choose : vbulletin5 or vbulletin4 or vbulletin.3 , And why you chose this version ؟

    I hope the forum Administrators will allow us to discuss with us on this subject .

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    For customers using highly customized versions of vBulletin 3 and 4, they should stick with those copies. The upgrade to vBulletin 5 will take time and have a learning curve. This is especially true for large established boards using languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. The older versions used tricks and workarounds that can break these sites when they upgrade.

    For new customers just starting out, they will get the most value for the money using vBulletin 5. It offers the widest customization ability and many features that were requested in older versions but never implemented.

    For people who do choose to upgrade to vBulletin 5 from vBulletin 3 and 4, we suggest this is done on a copy of your database in a clean environment. This will allow you to work through any issues, customize the site, and get it up to speed before upgrading your live site. This will result in the least frustration and downtime for your end-users.
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      Even new customers have a fear of using the new version. What do you think?

      I agree with you the new version which features much better than the old versions, but the old versions have a distinctive feature is that it is an organization in terms of creating forums and topics and blogs and articles each section has specialized links non-overlapping with other links unlike the new version sections, articles and blogs all versions Unified.
      Even in the storage method in the old release database the best in the storage of modern and more organized versions of the new version.

      I wish you to have your chest welcomed and accept the views until we get the result of patients and treat the error in the new version together and make it more stable

      I hope all members interact in this matter, so everyone benefits


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        I think all versions of vB (3,4,5) are good and each one has its advantages, you need to use or try them to see which one will work best for your forum.
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