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[STYLE] Hardwired_style for vb3

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  • [STYLE] Hardwired_style for vb3


    Just released this style, get it while it's hot over at VBT, check the link below

    VBT - Click2go

    You can download [style] Hardwired for vb3.x here

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    If you submit your work here with attachment:
    vBulletin 3 Download Submissions
    It will get listed in the download section!

    Thank you for sharing and great job!


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      Thanx floris, just adding now...cheers



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        This is now the discussion thread for [style] Hardwired for vb3.x


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          Very nice work Minx, VERY nice

          I think Im gonna use this on our site, perfect for a Ghost recon clan!


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            Nice job, do you mind if I convert it for vbPortal, you will have full credits of course.


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              Nice style, Some bugs though.

              When debug mode is enabled the used templates display two times, on the top and bottom.

              No <br /> after navbar
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                Its very nice I must say Is there some code you have done alternatively that would split up the categories?

                Drakah Sha`Kahr


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                  wajones, please do convert away!

                  Drakah, there is no alternative code

                  Mr. HillBilly, i did remove the <br> after the navbar on purpose



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                    Tnx for sharing, asome!
                    Dutch vBullletin users social group!


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                      excellent script! it's a little tricky to make it work under vbadvanced but i'll maky it work excellent work again


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                        I really like this style, and I'd like to use it but I'm afraid I don't know enough about installing a style like this. Moving files around and is fine; the readme said that after the images were uploaded and the xml + css files were in place you were done... but nothing's changed. Is there more I have to do? Also when I pick that style, my portal goes completely blank. Are there detailed instructions for a n00b such as myself?


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                          You either need to select the style in your USER CP options or make it the default in the Admin CP under vBulletin Options -> Style Settings & Language Options.

                          Hope this helps. I installed it and it is a very nice style. You can see it at: Just need to create a new header for it.
                          Translations provided by Google.

                          Wayne Luke
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                            Perhaps someone knows here lol

                            This is annoying & bugging the hell out of me.

                            I installed this theme today with no problem. I just had to do couple code modifications.

                            And thank you minx for that before I continue.

                            On the vbadvanced cmps portal page, at the bottom right before the footer where it shows the copyright text by Vba. Where the black columns on either side of the browser is at. On the same line with the copyright text, the images ain't showing up. *laughs*

                            I'm sitting here pouring through the code trying to figure it out.

                            I know it's not my footer template. I know it's not the adv_portal_footer template. It is only not showing on the portal page, but it's working fine everywhere. Just not on pages that's utilizing the portal engine.

                            I can furnish a screenshot on request.

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                              please add the downloads here too instead of going to

                              TechArena - TechArena Community - News - Download - Video - Guide - Review


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