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Making it all UTF-8

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  • Making it all UTF-8

    I have multiple languages with various encoding at

    English (default) is ISO-8859-1
    Japanese is UTF-8
    Russian is UTF-8
    Hungarian is ISO-8859-2
    French is ISO-8859-1

    It's generally working OK but the problem with this is that with one language selected, messages in another language don't display correctly. I don't know much about encoding but I tried to set everything to UTF-8 from within the language manager (under LANGUAGE SETTINGS, HTML Character Set). It doesn't seem to work as characters in the French and Hungarian forums don't display correctly.

    Is there a "best practices" method to set all languages to UTF-8 on an existing board? Go easy on me...I'm a character encoding novice. Thanks in advance.
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    simply with notepad
    get the first file (no changes)
    open with notepad
    look for <charset> and make it UTF-8 like that


    file -> save as
    (under file name)select encoding UTF8
    upload the file

    ps: there is encoding in the top of the file like this
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    you don`t have to change it just do follow steps up there


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      Thank you. That works, and I can post now with UTF-8, but all existing messages are still encoded incorrectly so the non-English characters in existing posts display incorrectly. Does anyone have an idea of how to handle that issue?
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        You shouldn't have been using mixed encoding to begin with, you'll have to figure out how to get everything to the same encoding.


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