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    I've been thinking recently, that my site [being based in Wales] could really do with a Welsh language pack. Now I imagine a lot of you will laugh at this suggestion - but I think it deserves a place as well as any other language. The ability to offer my site as bi-lingual would allow me to tap into a big audience of users - as the majority of Welsh media outlets or sponsors will only work with other companies offering such bi-lingual services.

    Creating such a language pack is personally beyond me - I speak too little of the language to be of any use... But I am curious as to whether other Welsh speakers/webmasters would be interested in contributing to such a project.

    Your thoughts please - if any of you actually exist! - Wales' number one underground rock resource.

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    This is interesting, because we can use a English UK and Welsch language pack. People who want to help translate please post here, I can offer a translation forum where you can work together as a team.