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  • vBulletin System Requirements
    Wayne Luke
    Minimum Requirements

    vBulletin is a web-based application and as such has a few minimum requirements. To run vBulletin 5.1.0 or higher, you need a web hosting provider that includes the following things:
    • Web Server - Apache 2, IIS 7.5+, or NGINX
    • PHP version 5.5.0 or greater
    • MySQL version 5.1.5 or greater
    • A pre-registered domain name
    • 1 Gigabyte of hard drive space
    • Rewrite Engine – A rewrite engine is needed for vBulletin’s Friendly URL routing to work. Popular rewrite engines
    Wed 2nd Apr '14, 10:52am
  • The vBulletin Mobile Suite v1.2 is Now Available
    Lawrence Cole
    According to the most current industry data, mobile web usage is not only here to stay, but it’s fast becoming the preferred mode of internet browsing for more and more people around the world. The global web community is “going mobile”, and now you have the opportunity to position your forum on the cutting edge of this trend.

    The vBulletin Mobile Suite is a premium mobile solution that allows for the creation of branded mobile apps customized specifically for your forum. The Suite gives your community members...
    Fri 23rd Mar '12, 3:00pm
  • vBulletin Mobile Suite FAQ
    IB Adrian
    Here is a basic FAQ for vBulletin's mobile applications.
    This FAQ will be updated.

    What is it?
    The product that will be available is an "app builder", it allows you to build a branded custom iPhone and Android app for your vBulletin website.

    Can I try it out?
    Sure. - Apple
    (here it is running on vBulletin 3.7)
    And here too. - Android

    What platforms are you going to support?
    Apple devices running on iOS 3.1.3+ (older versions may work fine - no promises though )
    This means, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone 3 & 4
    Android devices running version 1.6+

    Are you creating an iPad specific version?
    The iPhone app we have contains HD images, which means it looks/works fine on the iPad. This is in addition to the standard vBulletin skin working well in Safari on the iPad. We currently do not intend to create an iPad specific app.

    What other platforms are you going to support?
    Other platforms may be added too depending on market-share and their ability to support the basic vBulletin functionality.

    I have a symbian/Blackberry/windows mobile, will you support me?

    We have a mobile skin which will support...
    Wed 13th Apr '11, 1:40pm
  • Skimlinks Integration with vBulletin
    IB Adrian
    Monetize your vBulletin forum with Skimlinks

    vBulletin is happy to announce it has integrated with Skimlinks. We feel their free technology is a neat addition to help monetize a forum in an unobtrusive fashion, and we’ve negotiated a bonus earnings offer just for vBulletin customers if you enable Skimlinks via vBulletin.

    Since 2008, Skimlinks has been helping thousands of forums earn money when they drive purchases online, without altering the look and feel of the forum at all.

    Simply enable Skimlinks (see below), it takes 5 minutes, and you’ll start earning.

    How does Skimlinks work? Skimlinks seamlessly converts existing links on your site to online retailers such as eBay and Amazon into affiliate links – when clicked. Skiml...
    Thu 7th Apr '11, 8:26am
  • How to Install test vBulletin Apps
    IB Adrian
    Testing iPhone on Simulator

    Required software

    Installing the application on the simulator
    1. Grab the latest build package for the simulator. The filename is something in this format:
    2. Copy the file in the application folder (/Users//Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.1/Applications).
    3. Unzip the file, it will create a folder with an unique ID.
    4. If you had a previous version of the application, delete the folder containing it.
    5. Restart the iOS simulator.
    6. On the s
    Wed 19th Jan '11, 2:21pm
  • vBulletin Mobile
    IB Adrian
    Here is a basic FAQ for vBulletin's mobile applications.
    This FAQ will be updated.

    What is it?
    The product that will be available is an "app builder",
    Wed 10th Nov '10, 6:13pm