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  • Method List

    Method List

    A list of all methods found within the Mobile API organized by class.

    REST Server Specific Methods
    • api_init [v3|v4]
      Register a new client or returns API info and Access Token.
    • api_usersearch
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  • API Overview

    API Overview

    The Mobile API allows you to access existing vBulletin structures through a REST Server via GET and POST requests to your server.

    REST Interface
    The API uses a REST-like interface.
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  • Handling Session Timeouts

    Handling Session Timeouts

    If a client session is idle for a set period of time the session will timeout or expire. After this happens, it will no longer be valid. This value is set at "Settings -> Options -> Cookies
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  • Bloginfo Array

    Bloginfo Array

    The array contains the information of a blog entry information. It contains:
    • blog_title - [String] Blog title.
    • username - [String] Blog user name.
    • rating - [String] Blog entry rating.
    • ratingnum
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  • Blog Array

    Blog Array

    This array contains the information of a blog entry. It has the following items:
    • blogid - [Integer] Blog entry ID.
    • profilepicurl - [String] Blog user's profile picture URL.
    • postedby_username
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  • Threadbits Array

    Threadbits Array

    Threadbits Array contains an array of threadbits in a forum. threadbit array contains the following items:
    • thread - [Array] The thread information. It contains:
      • threadid - [Integer]
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  • Pagenav Array

    Pagenav Array

    Pagenav Array contains the information to construct a page navigator. It contains the following items:
    • lastnumbers - [Array] The numbers for "Last Page" link to display "Results
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  • Attachment Option Array

    Attachment Option Array

    Attachment Option Array contains the following items:
    • attachments - [Array] Attachments which have already been uploaded to the thread/post. It's a list of attach array that contains the following
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  • Albumbits Array

    Albumbits Array

    Albumbits Array contains a list of albums. The sub-array contains the following items:
    • album - [Array] Album information. It contains:
      • albumid - [Integer] Album ID.
      • attachmentid - [Integer]
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  • User Registration Process

    User Registration Process

    Note: To Be Expanded
    1. Client needs to call method register to prepare registration.
    2. Check returned vboptions.usecoppa.
      • If it equals to 1, then the client should show an UI to prompt user to input birthday
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