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How To: Use Jira

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  • How to Report a Bug using vB Issue Tracking System (JIRA)
    Welcome. I've created a quick step-by-step overview on how to report a bug through the vB issue tracker system also known as JIRA. The bug report process is done through the issue tracker system therefore,
    Wed 9th Nov '11, 2:04pm
  • How to Search for an Existing Issue Using vB Issue Tracker System

    Welcome. This is a brief overview of how to search for an existing issue using the vB Issue Tracker System. These issues are reported through JIRA which is an issue system that vBulletin
    Wed 9th Nov '11, 9:59am
  • How to Use JIRA (Video)
    Lawrence Cole
    Welcome. This is a quick overview of reporting issues within JIRA. By reporting the issues within JIRA, it alerts our developers and quality assurance about them so they can be fixed or implemented. An issue can be a bug you experience, a feature enhancement or a new feature request. All of them will be looked at but different issues will be assigned different priorities throughout the process.
    Thu 27th Oct '11, 12:07pm
  • How to Create a Private Issue
    Wayne Luke
    Issues you submit to us have two states: private and public. By default JIRAs are public, which means that everyone who has access to the bug tracker can read it. This includes all the information in
    Fri 28th May '10, 2:55pm
  • How to Watch an Issue
    Wayne Luke
    Like threads on a forum, you donít need to comment on a bug or issue to keep track of it. You can subscribe to the JIRA and get updates on your dashboard whenever a comment is left or a status change
    Fri 28th May '10, 2:34pm
  • Attaching Files and Screenshots to an Existing Issue
    Wayne Luke

    Attaching an image (or screenshot) to an existing report is almost as easy as leaving a comment on a JIRA. Be sure you have the correct JIRA number before entering it in to the
    Fri 28th May '10, 7:54am