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Should I upgrade to 4.0 or wait?


  • Should I upgrade to 4.0 or wait?

    Yes, of course! But.... when should you upgrade? Upgrading any major software platform should be carefully thought through beforehand; for many of you, vBulletin is the heart of your site. Here are some things to consider when upgrading:

    1. Have you installed any plugins or products? If so, check (or your vendor's web site) to make sure there is a new, compatible version of your plugin before upgrading. You'll need to decide if the addon is critical to your board. If not, you will likely need to disable the plugin when you upgrade, until a newer version is available.

    2. Have you installed a custom theme or made any other major visual customizations to your site? The major improvements we made to the template system and the new XHTML site structure will cause most 3.x series themes to break. Check out
    for inspiration and education on how to work with the new system.

    3. Are you planning on doing a major new design or design upgrade for your 4.0 forum? There are some minor changes to the organization and conventions in the CSS style sheets in the 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 releases (the weeks of January 4 - 8 and January 18 - 22, respectively) that may affect any designs you do today. Bear in mind that this is a brand new major version release of the product and we're still assimilating feedback on what's best for our designers and skinners.

    4. Are you running a big board? We know that upgrading a big board can be complicated and has its own set of issues. Please refer to our installation best practice guide - we are working on creating a section that specifically addresses big board upgrade considerations.

    • Blackbook
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      Originally posted by icarusforde
      You have a right to your opinion.

      But I also have the right to say that I think your opinion is wrong.
      unfortunately, he was right though. it does suck. And, a month on, there are still no good looking vb4 skins/styles, private or otherwise.

    • GeNeRaL NT
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      I don't want upgrade because this tooo much

    • jbade
      jbade commented
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      I am waiting.. and may find an alternative when the time does come..

      I don't like the direction the new owners/management are taking this product..
      I don't like the changes to the product in general
      I don't like the new Pricing structure changes/maintenance
      I really don't like the customer support / contact I have had with them

      I don't blame people for waiting for the last minute.. they have mods that need to be updated which many not be out yet.. if not they may need a new solution which takes time.. they need to apply new styles.. and customize them. They need to test.. and to tell the truth there is not the same amount of development mods or styles as there were with 3.x . The Majority is clearly not happy..
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