vBulletin 5 Connect

vBulletin 5 Connect

Includes free forum support for life of vBulletin 5 Connect and one month of ticket support
(includes ability to download vB4, which we will no longer sell separately)

vBulletin 5 Connect

vBulletin 5 Connect

Forum Support


Support is provided for the vBulletin software only. It does not include Server Configuration or Implementation.
  • Forum Support

  • One Month Phone and Ticket Support

  • 6 Months Phone and Ticket Support

  • Annual Phone and Ticket Support

Professional Installation/Upgrade

Professional Install/Upgrade

  • The professional installation / upgrade services covers an installation or upgrade of the vBulletin download software

Branding-free Option


  • Remove the attribution of vBulletin from the global footer