Practical Example of a Paid Subscription 
We will assume that the appropriate payment gateways have been setup and that one of them is enabled within the Settings section of the Admin Control Panel.

The subscription will offer some benefits over our a regular user such as increased attachment space, large avatars and more private messaging space.

Creating the new Usergroup
1Login to the Admin Control Panel
2Open the Usergroups menu and click "Add New Usergroup"
3At the top of the screen choose "Registered Users" from the Create usergroups Based off of Usergroup menu and click [Go]
4Adjust usergroup permissions appropriately, increasing attachment space, avatar dimensions and private messaging space
5Click [Save]

Creating the subscription
1Open the Subscriptions menu and click "Add New Subscription"
2Enter the appropriate title, description, length and cost for your subscriptions
3On the right of the screen there will be a Usergroup Options table, under Additional Usergroups check the Usergroup that you created earlier in this example
4Click [Save]

Visible within the User Control Panel should be the Paid Subscriptions which should display the following:

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