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Blog Latest Comments Module

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The Blog Latest Comments module is used only on the blog page - /blogs. It is a [i]System[/] module, so it does not show up on the Module List. The Blog Latest Comments module displays a list of recent comments left on the blogs on the site. In addition to being able to move the module around the page, you can also edit its contents.

Widget Title
This is the title that appears at the top of the module on the page.

Number of Results
This is the number of results the module will display on the page.

These are the search terms used to find the results for the module. You can enter more than one keyword, separated by a space.Members
This limits the search results to the listed members in the text field. If you create the search using User A, only blogs that User A will show up in the Blog Latest Comment. You can enter more than one username, separated by a comma.

This narrows the search to blogs that contain the tags you’ve selected. You can either enter tags in the text box provided or select them from the list of available.

Date Range
This limits the number of days the search will go back in order to find results. The count starts from the current day back.Sort By
This controls how the search results are sorted. The results can be sorted by the following categories:Types
This restricts the type of items the search result will display.

Search Options
This restricts the search to the following options:Sources
This dictates which forums the search will use to find keyword matches.

You may not delete it from this page.

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