How to set up your Footer 
What is a Footer Item?
The footer is the navigation strip that appears at the bottom of the site. With the Site Builder, you’re able to add links to this strip that can take your users anywhere you want them to go. Like the Navigation Bar, these items are called navigation items.

How to Add a Footer Item

As always, we begin by logging in to the site and turning on Site Builder. From here, click on the Footer button.

This opens a form beneath the Site Builder bar. In the form, click the “New Navigation Item” link. A popup will appear where you can enter the name of the Navigation Item and the location you want it to point to. Once you’re done adding items, click the “Save Changes” link and your page will reload with the changes.

How to Remove a Footer Item
To remove a navigation item from your site, make sure the ‘Edit Site’ function is turned on by clicking on the “Off” portion of the button to the left of your username. A menu bar will appear along the top of your page.

Click on the ‘Footer’ button. This will open form beneath the menu bar. From here, click on the x beside the navigation item you want to remove. Once you’re done, click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

How to Edit a Footer Item
You can change the name of your footer items at any time as well as changing the location they point to. To do this, login to your account and turn on ‘Site Builder’. When the Site Builder bar appears at the top of your site, click on the ‘Footer’ button.

Find the navigation item you want to edit and click the ‘Edit’ link to the right of its name. This opens a popup that allows you to change the name and URL of a navigation item. When you’re done making your changes, click the ‘Save’ button.
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