Editing RSS Feeds 
To add a new RSS feed, or edit an existing one, either click the name of the existing feed on the RSS Feed Manager page, or click the [Add New RSS Feed] button to add a new feed.

The RSS Feed Editor will then load, presenting you with a detailed form to complete in order to instruct vBulletin how to treat the RSS feed to which you are pointing it.

RSS feeds can contain a lot of information, and in order to be as flexible as possible, vBulletin provides two simple template fields in which you can specify exactly what information you would like extracted from each RSS item, and how to format it.

Within vBulletin, we allow you to access only specific parts of the RSS. The fields you can use are title, description, link, id, date, enclosure_href and content:encoded

These fields of information can be included in the templates using the simple format {feed:fieldname} where 'fieldname' is the name of the field whose contents you want to insert.

Here is an example of a template that will include the item title, description and link:


There are two templates to complete - one for the title of the item to be posted, and one for the message body.

The vBulletin RSS Feed posting robot has the ability to post RSS items either as threads or as announcements, with different options for each posting type. The options for each type are described in the following pages.
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