An Introduction to Custom Profile Fields 
vBulletin features a wide array of input options for you to gather information from your members through the creation of custom profile fields. With these fields you can present a list of options for the user to choose from or you can ask the user to give their own input. You can even combine the two options for maximum usability.

There are six input options for you to choose from to tailor your required data collection method.These fields can be required at registration or you can have them be shown after registration via the user's profile and options in the User CP. Administrators can make profile fields able to be edited only during registration or anytime.
Brad 20th Apr 2005, 11:06am
Once you add new custom profile fields you may use them in your templates just about anywhere.

For example say I added a new custom profile field for Real names, lets say that this is the 10th custom profile field on my board.

If I wanted to show this in the postbit I could add this to that template:

<if condition"$post['field10']">
Real name: $post[field10]<br />
<else />
<br />

What that basicly dose if check to see if the user entered anything into field 10, if so it will display this information, if not it will just insert a <br />.

If you need more information on using condition's like this, check out the support forums ( or the offical vBulletin template resource (
mlx 02nd Aug 2009, 12:06pm
Here's something I've noticed about profile fields that might be worth mentioning.

If you select Private Field = yes it's not only not showing up in the public user profile. It's also null in $vbulletin->userinfo['field#'] and $post['field#'] - unless you have admin permissions.

Reminded me the hard way to test all of my modifications with a non-admin user ;)

Looks like non private fields do not show up though if you choose Options: Other. Obviously disabling Field Required/Editable and Searchable/Show on Members List as well.

This refers to vBulletin 3.8.3.
Codehead 09th Jun 2010, 09:26am
The reason you can see those fields only as admin is that they are probably not public. VB behaves exactly as it should...
BirdOPrey5 30th Jan 2011, 12:17am
If you need to use the custom profile field of the person's whose profile you are viewing (not the field of the user logged in) you user $userinfo[fieldX] - this works on the MEMBERINFO template and related places.