5) Bringing it Back Online 
1Open up includes/config.php and edit $config['MasterServer']['servername'], $config['MasterServer']['username'], $config['MasterServer']['password'], and $config['Database']['dbname'] with the values that correspond with the new server. If you are not sure what these values should be, please contact your new host.
2Upload the new config.php and the rest of the files (if they still need to be uploaded).
3Login to your admin control panel, go to the vBulletin Options section, and change your BB URL, if necessary.
If you are not using the default database cache in vBulletin, you will need to flush your cache and restore it on the new server. These means updating your Memcache settings in your config.php file. If you are using the filesystem to store your Datastore, you need to make sure that includes/datastore/datastore.php is chmod 0777 so vBulletin can write to it.
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