User Infractions & Post Reporting Options 
Path to User Infractions & Post Reporting Options: Settings > Options > User Infractions & Post Reporting Options.

User Infraction Discussion Channel (default: Select Channel)
Channel to contain a discussion topic for the infraction so moderators can discuss it further.

If you do not want a discussion topic for this user infraction, set to “Select Channel”.
The topic is updated if the infraction is reversed.
Require Infraction Message (Yes/No)
Whether or not to require that the user reporting an infraction include a private message (PM) or email, depending on your site settings.

If this option is disabled, the user may choose to not include a message with their infraction. The recipient of the infraction will still receive a generic PM or email in regards to their infraction.

Post Reporting Email (default: Email Moderators)
Usergroups to whom emails are to be sent when a post is reported.

The choices are “No Email”; “Email Moderators”; and “Email Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators”.
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