Moderator Permissions 
Path to Show All Moderators: Channel Management > Show All Moderators.
Show All Moderators shows a list of moderators and super moderators, as well as when each was last online. On this page you can edit moderator information and permissions, as well as remove moderators, but you cannot add a moderator; you must do that in the Channel Manager.
You can combine super moderator and moderator permissions for a more granular approach.
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Last Online - Color Key
This section explains the color coding used to indicate when the moderators and super moderators were last online (for example, Today is black and Yesterday is green).

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Super Moderators
Moderators that have super moderator permissions are listed here.
To edit a super moderator, click a username, which takes you to the User Manager.
To edit a super moderator’s permissions click Edit Permissions, which takes you to a permissions page in the Moderator Manager.

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Moderators that do not have super moderator permissions, along with the channels for which they are responsible, are listed here.
To edit a moderator, click a username, which takes you to the User Manager.
To remove this person from moderating all channels, click Remove this Moderator from All Channels.
To edit a moderator’s permissions for a specific channel or to delete a moderator from a specific channel, click Edit or Remove next to the appropriate channel.
User Contributed Notes: Moderator Permissions