Cookie and HTTP Header Options 
Path to Cookie and HTTP Header options: Settings > Options > Cookie and HTTP Header Options

These options allow you to control cookie settings, gzip compression, HTTP headers, and to redirect messages.
You must click Save for changes to take effect.

Session Timeout (default: 900)
The time in seconds that a user must remain inactive before any unread posts are marked read. This setting also controls how long a user will remain on Who's Online after their last activity.

Path to Save Cookies (default: /)
The path to which the cookie is saved. If you run more than one forum on the same domain, it will be necessary to set this to the individual directories of the forums. Otherwise, just leave it as / .
Your path should always end in a forward-slash; for example, /forums/ or /vbulletin/.
Entering an invalid setting can leave you unable to log in to your forum. Change this setting only if you absolutely need to do so.
Cookie Domain (default: blank)
This option sets the domain on which the cookie is active. The most common reason to change this setting is that you have two different urls to your forum, i.e. and To allow users to stay logged into the forum if they visit via either url, you would set this to (note the domain begins with a dot.
We recommend that you leave this setting blank. Entering an invalid setting can leave you unable to log in to your site.
GZIP HTML Output (Yes/No)
Selecting Yes allows vBulletin to GZIP compress the HTML output of pages, thus reducing bandwidth requirements. This will be used only on clients that support it, and are HTTP 1.1 compliant. There will be a small performance overhead.
This feature requires the ZLIB library.
If you are already using mod_gzip on your server, do not enable this option.

GZIP Compression Level (range: 0-9; default 1; recommended: 1)
Set the level of GZIP compression you want to use on the output.

Add Standard HTTP Headers (Yes/No)

If enabled, vBulletin will send 200 OK HTTP headers.
Because this option does not work with some combinations of web servers, it is off by default. Some IIS setups might need it turned on.

Add No-Cache HTTP Headers (Yes/No)
Selecting Yes will cause vBulletin to add no-cache HTTP headers. These are very effective, so adding them may cause server load to increase due to an increase in page requests.

Remove Redirection Message Pages (Yes/No)
Enabling this option will remove the update pages that are displayed after a user makes a post, starts a search, etc. These pages provide assurance to users that their information has been processed by the site. Disabling these pages will save you bandwidth and may lessen the load of the site on your server.
Some pages will still use the use the redirection page when cookies are involved to prevent some potential problems.
Disable IE8 Compatibility Mode (Yes/No)
You can disable the IE7 compatibility mode of Internet Explorer 8 with this option. This will force the IE8 browser to render all pages in IE8 mode.
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