Logging in to the Control Panel 
The vBulletin Admin Control Panel can be accessed by pointing your browser at https://www.example.com/forums/admincp/.

The first thing you will see when you access the Control Panel is a prompt to log in. You will be presented with this login prompt even if you are already logged into the public area of the board. This is an additional level of security.

To log in, simply enter the username and password of a user account with administrator privileges, such as the one you created towards the end of the installation script process.

There are a couple of extra options that can be set on the login form. To see them, click the [Options] button to expand the form to its full size.

The two options you can set from the login form are:Clicking the [Log in] button will submit the login details and options you have set, and log you in to the board.
If you changed the value of $admincpdir in the config.php file and have renamed the admincp directory, the location at which you access the control panel will have changed accordingly.
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