An Introduction to Languages and Phrases 
vBulletin's language system allows you to localize your site in languages other than US English without editing any templates or files. The vBulletin phrase system makes its templates language independent so you can display pages in multiple languages using a single style.

Each phrase (for example, “password” or “one hour ago”) can have a translation for every language specified in this Language Manager. When a channel page is loaded, vBulletin checks what language the current logged-in user has selected, looks up the phrase variables in that language, and replaces them with the appropriate translated text.

In addition to translated phrases, vBulletin's language system supports translated images (by allowing you to override a style's images folder setting), and language-specific date/time/number formats.

The topics in this section cover what you need to know to localize your vBulletin site.
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