Phrase Syntax 
When editing phrases, you will notice strings such as {1} or {2}. These represent variables, and will be replaced with specific examples at runtime.

Let’s consider an example. Suppose you are working with phrase showing_avatars_x_to_y_of_z. By default, its text is:
Showing Avatars {1} to {2} of {3}

At run time, this may take on a value such as:
Showing Avatars 10 to 20 of 24

Notice that {1}, {2}, and {3} have been replaced with specific values.

Now, suppose you wanted the output to look like this:
24 Avatars Total. Displaying 10 – 20.

You could accomplish this by changing the phrase text to:
{3} Avatars Total. Displaying {1} – {2}.

The order of the numbers does not matter. All that matters is that you reference the correct number for what you want.
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