Creating your Database 
When you install vBulletin, you are asked what database to connect to. This is where all your information is actually stored. There are many different ways to create a database and which method you use depends on how your server is set up. We've provided some links to common methods.

cPanel provides a MySQL Database Wizard and this is the easiest way to create a database. You can find the instructions for this in the cPanel Documentation here:

cPanel also has functionality for general care and maintanence of your database. You can find that documentation here:

Another popular web hosting control panel, Plesk aims to provide all database management within a GUI style interface. To create a new database you would follow the instructions here:

A third popular hosting control panel is Webmin. You can find basic instructions here:

GoDaddy is a popular hosting service and they have their own unique control panel system. The current instructions on how to create a database on your website is located here:
GoDaddy servers do not meet the minimum requirements for vBulletin 5 at this time. Also we recommend not using GoDaddy's Windows servers with vBulletin 5.
Igor Karpov 08th Mar 2020, 12:43pm
Some people still create the databases from command line. Please, don't leave them out in the cold...
Trevor Hannant 08th Mar 2020, 12:44pm
If a user has the knowledge to create a database from the command line, they likely won't be needing to look at these instructions... :)