IPB 1.3 
Version supported : 1.3

User groups

The IPB user groups and about 50% of the permissions setting, the users are still associated with the groups after import so just clean up the permissions after import.


username, email, usergroup, password, icq, aim, joindate, homepage, ipadress, lastvisit, Birthday, posts, gender, parent_email, Occupation, Location, Interests, avatar, signature

Forums and Categories

Basic title and description information and layout.


Nearly all thread information.
note : Importing Parents id's was changed for 1.3


All are currently imported as visible.


Attached to threads and with current vote values.

Private Messages

Sent and recived are imported.

Buddy & Ignore Lists

For each user.


Attached to forum and about 50% of permissions imported.


Attachments are imported to the database and linked to the post.

Development :

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