EVE & Groupee 
Version supported : 1.3.4 UBB.x forum module : 4.0.3


Majority of profile.

(username, email, usergroup, icq, joindate, homepage,
Birthday, ipadress, lastvisit, usertitle, posts, display_name, first_name, gender, parent_email, Occupation, Location, Interests, Bio, signature)

Forums and Categories

Basic description information, parent ids and threading order. No display order title, you will have to put that in (this is due to the present changing database and may change in the future).


All are currently imported as visible and open.


All are currently imported as visible with threading order.


Attached to threads and with current vote values.

Private Messages

Currently all PM's are stored as sent for each user.


Need to be downloaded from infopop.

Development :

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