Custom Fields 
vBulletin Calendars give you the option of adding your own custom fields to events. These fields allow you to ask for specific information that pertains to your type of events. While you could expect the user to give this information in the event description, you can bring more attention to what you expect by adding custom fields.

For example, you could ask for any of the following:To add custom fields, you press the [Add New Custom Field] link found on the Add/Edit screen of the Calendar Manager.
When creating a new calendar, you must first save it before you can add custom fields to it

Title - This is displayed on the Event add/edit screen.

Description - Tell the user how you expect them to answer this choice.

Options - There are two types of field that you may create:To create a simple text box for the user to enter some information into, leave this field blank and select <Yes> for the next option. To create a menu of choices, enter each choice into this area, placing each on a new line. If you wish to also allow the user to enter their own text instead of choosing one of your options, select <Yes> for the next option.
If you leave this option empty and select <No> for the next option, you will not be able to save this custom field. You must either allow the user to enter their own text or give them options to choose from, or both.
Max length of allowed user input - This option limits the amount of text the user can enter if the previous option is set to <Yes>.

Field Required - Enabling this will require the user to either enter text or choose an option, depending on the type of field you create.
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