Adding a Product 
The first step when creating a product for others to install is to create the product record.

This will act as a grouping agent for all the items you add that go together to form your product.

To add a product record, navigate to Plugin System > Manage Products > Add/Import Product then use the Add New Product form.

Add Product

The fields to complete are as follows:
Product IDThis is the most important field of a product - all items added to the product such as templates, plugins, phrases etc. will all reference this value to indictate their attachment to the product.

Product IDs can contain lowercase letters, underscores and numbers but no other characters.
Please do not name your products with a 'vb' prefix, such as vbelephant or vbsidewalk. The 'vb' prefix is reserved for official vBulletin products released by Jelsoft or its affiliates.
TitleThe title field is used to give your product a recognizable name for the purposes of identification.
VersionThe version field is important as it is used in the product upgrade process. A version value of 2.0 is considered newer than 1.0 etc.
DescriptionFairly self-explanitory, the description field is used to give a little more detail about your product than the title field.
Product URLThis is the location where users can get information and support for your product. If you provide this, the product title will be linked to this URL from the product list.
Version Check URLIf you provide this URL, users will be able to automatically check to see if their version of the product is up to date. Data returned by this page must be in this format:
<version productid="x">1.2.3</version>
Where x is the product ID, and 1.2.3 is the latest version of your product.
When all fields are complete, hit the [Save] button and your product record will be inserted and will be listed in the product manager.
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