User Title Manager 
To get to the User Title Manager, click on the following to your left: User Titles> User Title Manager.

The User Title Manager allows you to specify user titles based on post count. When a user reaches the specified minimum post count their title will be changed. User titles are an indication of status on the forums and are displayed below names in posts and in their User Profile. The term 'ladder' is used to describe the hierarchy of the titles.
If a user's usergroup has a user title specified (see the Usergroup Manager article) then that user will have their usergroup's title instead of the ladder of titles in the User Title Manager.
The User Title Manager displays a table of the user titles based on post count available on your site. Above the table is a note that you should update user titles and ranks after adding, editing and deleting user titles. Clicking the link in the note takes you to the Maintenance panel. For more information on this panel, consult the Maintenance article.

The table displays the User Title, Minimum Posts, and Controls for editing or deleting the user titles.Below the table is a Add New User Title button. Clicking this button will open a blank Add/Edit User Title form.
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