Adding and Editing Promotions 
Path to adding or editing promotions: Usergroups > Promotions.

You add or edit promotions in the Usergroup Manager. To edit an existing promotion, click its Edit link in the Controls column to get to the Usergroup Manager Promotion form. To add a new promotion, click the Add New Promotion button to get to the Add New Promotion form.

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Except where otherwise noted, the options are the same whether you are adding or editing the promotion.
You must click on Save for your changes to take effect.
Select the usergroup to which you want this promotion to apply. A user must be a member of this usergroup if he or she is to be considered for this promotion.
This option is not available when you are editing an existing promotion. If you need to change a promotion’s source usergroup, create a new promotion and delete the old one.
Reputation Level
Reputation is a ranking of your user's benefit to your channel. Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other channel participants.

Days Registered
The number of days a user has been registered.

User post count.

Promotion Strategy[
Select from the pulldown list which of the conditions must be true for this promotion to be invoked. Conditions inside parentheses are evaluated first.

For example, suppose your promotion settings are the following:

Reputation Comparison Type = Greater or Equal to
Reputation Level = 1000
Days Registered = 30
Posts = 100
Promotion Strategy = Posts and (Reputation or Date)

If a user has a reputation value of 1100, has been registered for 20 days, and has 150 posts, he or she will be promoted.

Promotion Type
Type of promotion the user is to receive if promoted. This can be either a primary usergroup or an additional usergroup.

Which promotion type to select depends on how groups and permissions are configured. If the promotion causes only a few changes to permissions and settings then it is easier to set up a new usergroup that grants the new permissions and settings, and then to have the promotion add membership to that group as an additional usergroup. If the promotion involves many changes then a primary usergroup change might be called for.

Reputation Comparison Type
Choose Greater Than or Equal To or Less Than.
This option applies only to reputation and only when reputation has been selected as part of the promotion strategy above.

Move User to Usergroup
Select the usergroup the user will be moved to when he or she is promoted.
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