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Richard McGrath
 / Sep 2013
I just wanted to put the word out that Lynne Sands did a real great job responding to my ticket her communication response time, her patience with me was outstanding she was a real big help and im really glad she response to my ticket, all the issues related to the ticket I submitted are all fix and appear to be better then they were before I had these issues

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Richard McGrath
James Chen
 / Aug 2013

I recently was transferred a vBulletin 5.0 license. Joe D. from the support team, was able to help me very quickly. I was really surprised at how fast he responded, and was able to handle the whole transfer process, even though it was the weekend and the initial email said there might be a delay. Service like this is greatly appreciated!

Vicki Tucek
 / Aug 2013
Just Upgraded to Connect 5.0.4. I had problems at first with the upgrade from 4.1.2, so no mucking around I bought the support package and after me trying for over 4 hours to get it right it only took them 15 min to fix all of my problems. It was worth every penny.
dave haberle
 / May 2013
My web server had the newest MySQL and PHP implementation, and as a brand new vBulletin user, I needed some technical help in getting the Impex importer to run for it would encounter a syntax error upon startup. I submitted a support ticket and received a reply the very next day. The reply was brief, included exactly the right script change to be made to work with the new MySQL syntax, and the importer ran perfectly.

Efficient and top-notch technical support such as I received isn't easy to find -- and I take my hat off to the vBulletin support team for a job very well done!
Andrew Warren
 / Mar 2013
I have recently installed VB 4 Publishing suite, it is exactly what I was looking for.
I decided to buy it because I knew if I did not wish to use the CMS then I could turn it off and use the software for the forums only.

Brilliant bit of kit
 / Nov 2012
Having gone down the path of updating forums in the past and wasting the weekend figuring our what to do for the best, then calling a few friends to sort out the update process I decided on this particular occasion to pay for an official vBulletin forum update from 3.6.4 to 3.8.7, then at the last minute decided to go for the latest version of vB4.

The job was assigned to Riasat Al Jamil who I am very pleased to say, and credit due to him, updated my forum in under 24 hours and also clarified a few items I had mentioned in my update notes.

So a true asset to the vBulletin team is what I say... and a big thank you to Riasat Al Jamil for his skill and judgement with the update process.

To be honest I have been delaying the update of the vBulletin software to a newer version due to the grief and time wasted I have suffered in the past. Yet in one move, Riasat sorted out the whole vBulletin update process from 3.6.4 to 4.2 without any hassle.

Highly recommended...

Richard Burgess
 / Nov 2012
I am not entirely sure whether this is the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to pass on a message about one of your support staff, Joe DiBiasi, and the excellent way he handled my simple request.

At all times he was swift in his response, extremely polite, and very helpful in reaching a perfect conclusion.

I understand that often people take the time to complain, but not to complement, and I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Joe :)

James Lutz
 / Oct 2012
I had a major issue with my board not fully loading today, and spent many hours, but only got halfway and gave up.

I opened a support ticket (Ticketid: 1153389) and Joe DiBiasi replied that he would be glad to help after I finished a reinstall. Of course it didn't work, and I updated the ticket, and within minutes Joe once again replied that he would get to work on it, and let me know once completed.

He found and fixed what I never would have been able to. He was extremely polite and helpful. Prior to him getting started, I had told him that if he was able to fix it, to give me his paypal address and I would like to send him a tip for his efforts. He refused this as unethical.

Be that as it may, if vB would give permission, I would still like to tip him. If not, I am still informing everyone of what a great help he was to me and how he made vB look like a great company, with great standards.

Thank you, Joe, and thanks vB!!

-James Lutz
 / Aug 2012
Powerful software .. most popular forum software
Mohd Fuad Ishak
 / Jun 2012
Testimonial regarding vbulletin.

I really satisfied with the vbulletin customer support especially dealing with Mr. Abdulla Ashoor, he is nice and very helpful to solve my issue regarding the setting. The vbulletin CMS forum software also great product i ever seen before!

For readers information, my site got over than 640k registered users, and at this moment there are currently 3326 users online. 1703 members and 1623 guests

Most users ever online was 3,342, Today at 12:03 AM. 6/6/2012

My load server now very stable not high likes before using this wonderful script.

Thanks to all developers and hopefully this script will be the most powerful forum script in the world.

Cheryl Ferraro
 / Feb 2012
I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Zachery Woods, in your support division. His calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. He was courteous and professional while trouble shooting a couple of issues I was having with one of my forums. He did not give up until he had tracked down and resolved the issues. Mr. Woods is an asset to your organization and is part of the reason I will remain loyal to your software.

Cheryl Ferraro
Tj Fitz
 / Feb 2012
Riasat Al Jamil made this whole purchase worth it. I put him through a small hell trying to get this forum installed, and I knew nothing of what he needed to accomplish this mission. But the knocked it out and I am up and running. Thanks for your patients Riasat! You are an asset to your crew.