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Peter Presland
 / Dec 2010
I had a somewhat problematic new installation to action. It involved incorporating a restored MySQL dump of an old v3 database into a brand new V4 installation.

The way it was handled by Jake of vBulletin was exemplary. No other words to describe it really. solid professional matter-of-fact communication over the few issues that inevitably occurred and at the end of it a new installation running like a well-oiled sewing machine.

Big BIG thank you.
Chris Knott
 / Dec 2010
After running a very old and ancient forum I decided to look at a new forum application. I came across Vbulletin and the CMS page and other options made it the choice.

Installation and configuration was pretty easy but there were a few customizations I wanted to make and at some point fouled up some of the content pages.

I wrote support and was helped by Trevor Hannant
who always responded in a timely fashion and helped me in every case and in some cases fixed the issue himself. With support like this it makes me feel good I chose Vbulletin.

Keep up the good work..

IceWarp, Inc.
Bill Posner
 / Nov 2010
I run a support center for a global software company. I must say, the support from Vbulletin, via email has been top notch and very responsive. I have worked a lot recently with Lynne Sands whose attention to detail, patience and product knowledge has been very appreciated.
Thank you
Ali Çelik
 / Nov 2010

While upgrading my forum version today, I have faced against some problems. However I have managed to complete it with help of your staff member Steve Machol. I want to thank you for your great support system and having a nice staff like Steve.

Ali Celik
Mat Walker
 / Oct 2010
Hi Vb!

I would like to thank Trevor Hannant- Vbulletin Support staff for outstanding customer service. Trevor is an extremely patient and understands exactly the needs of his vbulletin customers!

Thanks for supporting me in resolving my vbulletin issues!

If your ever wondering should I opt in for Vbulletin support, well in my mind that answer is quite simply yes!

Best Regards
Garm Beall
 / Oct 2010
vBulletin team saved the day! After a nasty hack page replacing our forums, we were unable to locate the code. You guys got in there and fixed it right away - thank you!
Adam Howard
 / Oct 2010
Our community has previously tried your some of pay & free competitors. But nothing has pleased our community quite right as vBulletin. Speaking for myself only as The Site Administrator & owner, but also as a regular user... Thank you.
Michael Dance
 / Aug 2010
Hey, I have used VBulletin for about a year, and they have the best support and technical team ever, they are really helpful and always there when you need them. If you want to buy a forum, I really recommend VBulletin. Thanks you are all stars.
Clive Smith
 / Jul 2010
I plagued the life out of your support person Trevor Hannant, before purchasing the vBulletin Publishing Suite!

I had numerous questions, pertaining to operational issues as well as migration from an existing bulletin board, all of which he was quite happy to answer.

I have not implemented your software yet, but if my experience thus far is anything to go by, I am certain that I will be very happy.
Adrian Hawkins
 / Jul 2010
I entered a ticket to get my email address changed on my account.......... Trevor Hannant answered and the job was done and dusted in a grand 12 MINUTES !
Neil Young
 / Apr 2010
I just wanted to take a second and say that I've been with vbulletin since late 2008 and have never regretted it once. The staff, and support team members are wonderful, and know their stuff. There is NO way I would EVER consider using any other BB software!! vBulletin is my home, and its gonna stay that way!! Thank you for making such a great product, and keeping it up to date and secure as possible!!

owner/admin www.tunemytoyota.com
owner/admin www.themodforum.com
co-owner/admin www.themysterydistrict.com
Lucas C
 / Apr 2010
I was running my site on IPB, which went great for several years. When It was time to renew my licence, I opted for trying out the new vB 4 suite. I am Thrilled with the user-friendliness and the overall performance of my forum. Thanks vB!
 / Mar 2010
Wonderful product, easy to manage. I'm using it on my site www.dstreetdirect.com which was earlier using smf ... I smoothly converted the site vbulletin cms. Thanks for making such a great product.
Jakub Bokszański
 / Mar 2010
vBulletin is simple and fresh. I'm using vB for my gaming community and its about 1 year with no problems. Good work!