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Dr. Steven Lawrence Sr
 / Oct 2009
We bought our first license several years ago after trying all the others and we have feel in love with our vbulletin that we even bought it a wife and a child (aka 2 more licenses)... Will never use any forum software..
 / Sep 2009
I was using PHPBB forum but it was awful, Errors & Template screwups.

vBulletin provides a great forum system, hundreds of styles, thousands of modifications and *QUICK* support for everything related to the forum.
 / Aug 2009
I just started with using vbulletin. One thing I noticed is that I can configure my community exactly as I wish. This software is the best peice of forum software that I have ever seen.

Besides that the software is great I love the service to! From now on I'll swear on vbulletin as my Message Board System.
Richard Strachan
 / Aug 2009
My vBulletin site has been up and running for just over a year now, I cannot express just how quick I learned to use vB. Adding modifications, styles and even writing my own code in places.

This has to be the best forum software out there.
Bartosz Bolewicki
 / Aug 2009
I am pleased with how fast vBulletin's custumer support responds to my ticket. vBulletin has definitely earned my money! I am pleased with how efficient and quick the set-up process was. I only purchased a 1 year license, and will definitely return next year to purchase a lifetime license.
Bill Albrecht
 / Aug 2009
I just wanted to say I've been running Vbulletin on my site for 1 full year as of today. I just renewed my license and I wanted to say thanks for creating such a great product.
Ovidius Suteica
 / Aug 2009
During the years, I had two problems while upgrading. Even that I follow the info to the letter, things get forgotten... Nevertheless, I generated the problems.

What it is important to be mentioned, is that once I raised a support ticket, I got answer very fast and helped to fix the problem. Congrats to all vBulletin staff for their hard work and especially to Steve M!
Christopher Mooney (Boltw
 / Aug 2009
I have been using alot of forums over the PHPBB, Webpsell Forums but vBulletin have been the best thats why i am renewing my license now to a Owned vBulletin License
Daniel Gabriel
 / Jul 2009
I think these forums are really decent and I'm glad I chose vBulletin!
 / Jul 2009
vBulletin is fantastic, the layout is newbie friendly and is easy to become acquainted, everything in the Admin CP is laid out under their relevant categories effectively making it easy for any administrator to find and locate sections they wish to change. All in all it far exceeds iPB, if you haven't already given vBulletin a go you should now, it'd be a mistake not to.

Matt Bradford
 / Jul 2009
I am pleased with how fast vBulletin's costumer support responds to my ticket. vBulletin has definitely earned my money! I am pleased with how efficient and quick the set-up process was. I only purchased a 1 year license, and will definitely return next year to purchase a lifetime license.
Dan Jones
 / Jun 2009
All I can say is, vBulletin is OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!

And so is their support team =P

i will definitely renew my vBulletin licenses next year
 / Jun 2009
I'm blown away by these forums. God I wish I'd ordered these a few years ago!

Great work worth every penny!
Lautaro Angelico
 / Jun 2009
I love vBulletin customer service, whenever I have any issue they help me resolve it really fast !

Power up vBulletin !
Zain Cronk
 / May 2009
Customer Service here is awesome. My issue was resolved in less than half an hour. Replies on tickets are super fast. Many Thanks VBull!
Matt Manhart
 / May 2009
After installing and 'trying' desperately to use phpBB3 and punbb, I literally gave up. I am a web developer and am tech savvy. Imagine what it's like for people using those forums who aren't???

Long story short, after literally 8 hours of wasted time on those forums, I paid for, installed, and managed the permissions successfully in under a half hour.

I finally have this project near completion thanks to vBulletin. You can always use others that are free. But you're inviting a headache and hours of wasted time. Just suck it up and pay for vBulletin. You won't regret it.
Behzad Varedi
 / May 2009

I'm new with this part, but let me say the truth !
Support Of Vbulletin = Steve Machol

I think there is nothing else I can say that can explain my mean !

Thank you Steve for your best support
I really appreciate it

Always The Best
Behzad Varedi
 / May 2009
I needed a forum, so i tried to use PHPBB3 and MYBB... (gave up)
So i decided to buy vbulletin, its the best forum system i've ever tried!
Joseph Meier
 / Apr 2009
Just bought a license with the release of 3.8.2 and I have to say this is the best forum software i have ever used. it's like night and day moving from phbb to VBulletin. It's a hefty sum of money to get the license but believe me it's worth it. Once you buy you are immerised in the best support/modding community I have ever experienced. Keep up the good work VBulletin and I can't wait for 4.0!
John Blaze
 / Apr 2009
I'm very happy with the support service. Quick reply and up to the mark. They try to help the best way they possibly can. Would like to mention about Steve Machol. He is the best.

Thank you Vbulletin.
From Blaze
Josh Rutowski
 / Apr 2009

I was a little scared at first before I made the vbulletin purchase. After I purchased my license EVERYTHING completely changed it was amazing how smoothly my webforum was running, and my users loved the new forum.

If you are thinking of buying vbulletin don't hesitate, it is worth it and you will not regret it
Tim McHyde
 / Apr 2009
I had the pleasure recently of working with Steve Machol on processing my credit card. Due to my card companies silly out of country/online charge protection, he had to try four times before it worked. Yet he patient throughout. Probably more patient than me! I hope you take good care of him and other star support personal like him.
Joe Krause
 / Mar 2009
I have to say.. vBulletin is the best software and most needed for any board to look good
Danny Janssen
 / Mar 2009
What can i say,
vBulletin is a great and a advanced software.
On the beginning it was all new to me and hard to use.
But since 3 months I've been learning the basics, and it turned out really good.

Take a look yourself

ps: Keep up the good work, I love vB !
Amjad Ali
 / Mar 2009
vBulletin is the BEST forum software ever! After using phpBB for almost 3 years, I decided the switch looking for more power and customization and it has been welcomed greatly by me and my forum members.

vB Rocks!

Theresa Pessinis
 / Mar 2009
I would like to thank all the folks over in support. Without all your help I never would have been able to do this adventure.

Jake Bunce went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. He has unbelievable patients.

You are the best!!!

Thank you all very much,
Andrew Mendez
 / Mar 2009
The vBulletin support is unparalleled to any other company's support anywhere. To put it simply, it blows the rest of them out of the water. With any other company, you would have to wait a couple of days to fix something, and even then, it's not a guaranteed fix. With vBulletin, you wait around half an hour, and get a guaranteed answer. I don't know what I would do without their helpful and knowledgeable support team.
Chase Ginther
 / Mar 2009
Wow, what an experience with vbulletin. It truely is an instant community. The software is easy to use and install. Users are very found of it and enjoy it. The admin section is quite easy to use. Vbulletin is the best forum software on the net hands down. If you are worried about the cost, don't be. Its worth every penny. Just try some other free forum software then try vbulletin. You will be absolutly amazed.

-Chase Ginther
Janelle Ferrero
 / Mar 2009
I am not an owner of a vBulletin forum but I am a member of a ton of different forums and I have to say- the one's that are vBulletin look so much better and are so user-friendly. I prefer them over all the other formats.
Greg Nicholson
 / Mar 2009
I have been in charge of a lot of IPB 2.3 forums and i thought my site needed a new forum so i was thinking about purchasing either vbulletin or IPB, in the end i purchased Vbulletin and if i had to go back in time i would still choose vbulletin and it turned our GREAT!

And i cant wait for vB 4.0 to come out!

- Tech
 / Mar 2009
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Jason Nethercott
 / Mar 2009
Jelsoft has the world’s best support! I've run vBulletin on my Linux server for many years, and am in the process of moving to a Windows platform. I've had a couple of issues and both times, those who answer the support email resolved my issue very quickly and with exact directions on how to fix the problem. The last incident was answered and resolved in almost real time... less than 8 minutes. Thanks to Steve and Carrie.

Those other big companies that think they have the best support system (Dell, Microsoft, etc) need to sit up and take notice. Jelsoft beats you all, hands down, no contest!
Ahmed Al Hajary
 / Feb 2009
I use The VB From 2002 Maby And With The Time I Check The Others Forum Programs

But The VB is The Most Powerfull And Easy 1

all The Best...
Arthur Bates
 / Feb 2009
Top notch support. That is why I continue to use VBulletin on my mid-sized forum since 2.x

I had a big problem recently, Steve Machol went above and beyond what he should have. Great people, great support, great product. I'll never choose any other forum software.
 / Feb 2009
Like to say I had VB for 5 months and out of the free and IPB software VB is by far the easiest and more stable of software.
try demo and you be hook on services here.
 / Feb 2009
Well I've been using vBulletin for a few years now, and it is by far the easiest thing to use! The entire vBulletin setup is a lot easier than IPB, SMF, or phpBB! There is so much you can do with it, you can make it a completely original forum!

I strongly suggest you tryout the vBulletin Free Demo and see for yourself, how awesome this program is!
Andres Felipe Vasquez
 / Feb 2009
Es muy buen sistema de foro me ha servido mucho muy fácil de manejar la administración y para los usuarios muy dinámico...
Buena atención, buen soporte y rápido....
Algo que no pasa con todos los scripts y administradores de contenido...

un saludo y felicitaciones


It is very good forum system has served me very easy to use administration and very dynamic for the users ...
Good care, good support and fast ....
Not something that happens to all the scripts and content management ...

greetings and congratulations
 / Feb 2009
Fast support, professional code that wasn't developed by neighborhood kids (unlike phpBB, which i have doubts about), and simple administration panel. Free solutions like phpBB wouldn't even come close to vB and its tons of great features. My users like it too, I got Blog and Project Tools, and it worked out great. I used vB for a few months on my gaming site and plan to continue using it. Great job, Jelsoft! :P

~maplr4life >:D
Juan Sebastian Montoya Ro
 / Feb 2009
Well, what should I say... perhaps that if you wish to have a professional software in charge of your community, a professional staff dedicated that will help you with any issue you have and a great customizable software, then, vBulletin its for you.

I've used every known forum-software and I've never left the usage of vBulletin nor chose any other, and heres the why "vBulletin has it all".
Nikson Shyangdan
 / Jan 2009
I am very happy with the service so far. Very quick and up to the mark. They try to help the best way they possibly can. Would like to mention about Steve Machol. He is the best.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you Vbulletin.
Lots of best wishes
Fardhon Hanafiah
 / Jan 2009
Hello Everybody,
I am very happy using this vBulletin, very nice and symphatic support teams!
Please lets move to @vBulltettin
Thanks anyway
 / Jan 2009
If you have any doubts over buying vBulletin, please go and try some of the free forum softwares that are available, then come back and try the vBulletin demo. If you've ever used vBulletin or moderated on a forum before, you will know that this is THE only forum software to be considered. It can customized far beyond what you will ever imagine, ever admin has a different vision for their board and we all share our creations and ideas which makes this a great community to part of. If you need support, the staff here get 10/10 every time. And there's always fellow administrators wanting to help out when they can. If you're still not sure, head on over to vbulletin.org and see what you might be able to do with your forum. I own 2 vbulletin forums and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

Good luck! :)